Who We Are

We are Gil and Erin Greco. Here’s us when we got married:

And here’s us now, ten years, three kids, and two cross-country moves later:

We created this website for the dual purposes of 1. Generating a little supplemental income through referrals and 2. Fulfilling our “telos” as people who recommend things. We are both (let’s be honest) giant nerds, and when we find stuff (household items, gear, books, movies, music, methods of doing things, etc.) that we like, we REALLY like them, and really like telling other people about them. ?

Some things about our background, beliefs, and interests that you may or may not find relevant to our recommendations:

  1. Erin grew up in Eugene, Oregon. Gil was born in Wichita, Kansas, but spent most of his growing-up years in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We met in Oregon at Gutenberg College, from which we both graduated, and also spent five years of our marriage living in Kansas City, Missouri.
  2. We are both Christians. We believe that true hope in this fallen world is to be found only in turning to God, and that coming to terms with our Creator is the most important task in front of every human being.
  3. Gil’s particular interests include history and philosophy, Biblical interpretation, children’s literature, drawing, physicality and martial arts, and gourmet cooking. Erin always gravitates back to photography and writing with a smattering of drawing and painting, but also really enjoys decluttering, organizing, decorating, and keeping house in general.
  4. We have three sons, currently ages 5 years, 2.5 years, and 4 months. We also have/had a truly lovely Bassett-mix named Otis. (We can’t have a dog where we live, so Grandma and Grandpa have him now, but he is still a part of our family as a whole. ?)

We hope you find your stay on this blog enjoyable and helpful. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for topics you’d like us to address!